Title: Long time customer8/11/2016 4:22:05 PM
Im a long time customer since yall have opened. never used your website to order food b4. i was checking it out for the first time, and saw where you offer coupons for free samples for orders over a certain price range amount. But you have 3 coupon choices and every one of them have expired December of 2015. I am a long time customer and eat here a lot. And im just wondering why do you offer coupons that are out of date from last year? im ordering food tonight and would love to use one of these coupons. again my name is Cory Albertson and the date is 8-11-16.
Title: My Jin Jin8/1/2016 12:32:32 PM
Jin Jin is not far away for delivery. However, that is not why I like them. They deliver quickly and food is hot and tasty. Mr. Jin Jin is a professional and very personable. He is happy to resolve an issue IF there is one. In years of delivery, there has only been once or twice that things have been confused. I would say that is very positive considering all of the years! For delivery and fast food, you cannot beat Jin Jin! They serve to please. Thank you!
Title: 2020/6/19 17:22:49
can I buy a gift card and have it mailed to a friend? thanks
Title: 2020/6/15 17:44:48
I ordered this evening and will never come back. Took a hour and a half to get my order and then it was wrong. I order seafood delight and got meat/chicken and veg. Poor service and expensive pricing. NOT TOP RATED FOOD
Title: 2020/1/21 11:37:02
I’ve lived in Lexington for 8-years and have come to this awesome Chinese Restaurant for the last 7-years. Everything is hot, tasty and made fresh. I personally recommend this place to eat and challenge anyone to find a better Chinese Restaurant!
Title: 2019/7/6 11:33:13
Ordered 3 meals and 1 was special ordered, that had been ordered that same way at least 2 times a month for over many years. They messed up the whole order and when we called to ask for just the one special order corrected, we were reprimanded for ordering a special order, again this order has been made numerous times, the owner hung up on us. We will NOT be ordering there again!!!!
Title: 2019/10/5 19:14:01
That is the worst Chinese I’ve had I won’t be ordering from here again
Title: 2019/10/5 19:10:25
I will not ever order again It wasn’t spicy And you served miniature shrimp
Title: 2018/1/25 13:59:11
What happened to fried won tons with cherry sauce?
Title: 2017/11/27 17:40:39
Good Food

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